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Multi Purpose Face Shield- Anti Fog, reusable

COVID-19 Prevention Supplies: Multi Purpose Face Shield- Anti Fog, reusable

Estimated to arrive here around 30, April,2020, limited stock, welcome to preorder


size 31.5x22.5cm

Material PET + FOAM


* Wide Field of Vision Protection

   180° coverage of the face

   Prevention of the virus and bacteria

* Super Anti Fog Performance

   Keeping you a comfortable vision

* High definition Vision

   High transparent material to keep you clear vision

* With anti- bacteria soft foam headband for comfort

   super lightweight elastic headband compatible to various head shape

*Multi purpose, can be used in working, cooking or other enviorment to prevent debris/splash

* In order to avoid destroying anti-fog layer, please do not use alcohol. If necessary, please use wet cloth to wipe outside.


If neccessary, wipe with wet cloth gently, don't use alcohol to avoid distroying the anti-fog coating.

Please remove the films on both sides before using.





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