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Why not inspire someone with a Gift vouchers?

Would you like to share IKEA homeware with your friends by a wide range of IKEA products? But maybe you are not sure what he/she prefer to? Let them decide and get the product that they really want with a Zoomly Gift Voucher. You choose how much you would like to spend and they choose what to spend it on – everybody happy!


How to Buy Zoomly Gift Vouchers?

• Choose the Desired amount from option.

• Check out as normal to pay by Credit Card or Bank Deposit

• During Check out your will be prompted for information regarding the recipients details. You'll need to know their email address so that they can receive the gift voucher. If you don't know their email address you can send it to yourself and print it out to give to them.

• Enter the recipient's details including your personal message.

• The recipient will receive a confirmation email with a special redemption code that can then be used online during checkout or shown instore.

• Gift vouchers are redeemable through this website

• The Vouchers never expire.


How to use Zoomly Gift voucher? 

The Gift Vouchers are redeemable online at

If you have been given Gift Vouchers you can redeem your vouchers by entering your special voucher code here, or on the shopping cart page.

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